In fm tutte le domeniche dalle 20 alle 21, su m2o RADIO

Nuovi sapori per Signal Hills: arrivano le parole al microfono di Damir ivic ad arricchire i viaggi sonori di Andrea Range e Rame, arrivano piccole storie, racconti ed aneddoti per dare ancora più profondità al grande racconto sulla miglior club culture.

In fm all Sundays from 20 to 21, on m2o RADIO

Signal Hills, means moving, rising, starting a journey, while catching high frequencies and vibrations of the kind of the electronic music that can break free of any commercial restriction. Your journey will be accompanied by house music chosen for its outstanding quality and its ability to embrace different genres without limits nor borders.
Signal Hills, like the hills of Bologna, where Rame manages the show selecting exclusive dj sets and giving, week after week, a vivid portrait of today’s dancefloors – the place where artistic awareness is stronger.